South Africa Background

ActionOverseas has had representatives visiting South Africa as far back as 1939. In 1989 Ivor and Alice Douglas became resident missionaries in the country, where they served the Lord for twenty one years, during which time a great deal was accomplished for God's Kingdom. Churches were planted and contacts also made in Namibia, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 2009 autonomy was granted to South Africa and since then Pastors Eric Parker and David Wade have visited to provide support, encouragement and maintain fellowship with the nation. This link has enabled the decommissioning process to take place without disconnection. Leadership seminars on 'Moving in the Power of the Holy Spirit,' and 'Breaking Barriers,' have also taken place.

Four Apostles have been ordained  including Pastor Michael Feder from Cape Town and Pastor Erling Van Wyk from Johannesburg.


South Africa - Latest Report

April 2015 update....


The church plant led by Pastor Leon Pillay is doing well with fifty people meeting. Some of them used to attend the Apostolic Church many years ago and have returned recently. There are also a number of new converts.

The pastors in the Kwa Zulu Natal province in Durban have recognised a need for more church planting. Pastor Stuart Wood and his wife Sandra are currently planning teaching and training on this in order to assist with planting new Apostolic Churches in the country.

The pastors from Kwa Zulu Natal have also agreed to partner with ActionOverseas in Mozambique to support practically and with ministry. This is an exciting prospect and later this year Pastor Stuart and a team will travel to Chimoio to facilitate introductions and develop a plan for the future.

South Africa Profile

South Africa is the richest and most industrialised country in Africa, however there is a vast gap between the rich and poor and high unemployment. Many live in shanty towns, squatter camps, slums and townships where conditions range from poor to terrible. The government have spent vast sums of money to improve the quality of life for the millions living in these settlements, but only a small impact has been made so far.

There is freedom of religion in the country and a high profile has been given to ethnic African religions somewhat at the expense of the large Christian majority. There is still a great need to effectively reach and disciple the millions of unchurched people. Training of new leaders is vital and a greater spread of a prophetic voice for the church essential.

31% of the 50 million people who live here are under 15 years old so youth ministry is vital for South Africa's future spiritual health.  There are currently dozens of agencies with specific ministry to young people with the great challenge of meeting the needs of the many poor, who are without opportunities and education and vulnerable.


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